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Microsoft: Bill Gates ve Jerry Seinfeld

Microsoft'un Seinfeld'li yeni reklamı. Fena değil ama Mac reklamları ile yarışmaya çalışıyorsa katetmesi gereken daha çok yol var.

Sizin için sözlerini de yazdım. (Sözlerin bir kısmını TGDaily'den aldım, bir kısmını kendim yazdım. Yanlışım varsa lütfen yorum bırakın.)

"- Shoe Circus, quality shoes at discount prices. Why pay more? Bill Gates?
- Jerry Seinfeld?
- Churro?
- I'm good. The left one is a little tight.
- It will stretch.
- You sure it will stretch?
- Is that your toe?
- No.
- What is it?
- Leather.
- He is a Conquistador. They run very tight. You get the other one(?). You know what I do? I wear them in the shower. You ever wear clothes in the shower, Bill?
- Never.
- You're dressed and you’re clean. Open the door go about your business.
- He is a ten.
- Ten.
- See how that fits(?)
- Better.
- That's a ten.
- Is that The Conquistador?
- Guess what Bill. You are a ten.
- They run very tight.
- Are you a Shoe Circus Clown Club member?
- Platinum.
- What do you get with that card?
- Big Top Points.
- You know, I imagine over the years you've mind melded your magnum Jupiter brain to those other Saturn ring brains at Microsoft.
- I have.
- Just wondering, are they ever going to come out with something that will make our computers moist and chewy like cake so we can just eat 'em while we're working? If it's 'yes,' give me a signal. Adjust your shorts.
- Oh, I knew it!
The Future. Delicious."

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